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Restringing Tools & Accessories

Restringing Tools & Accessories


Bearing Check Gauge
SKU: 106
A handy item for the restringing technician that gives a fast, accurate and visual demonstration of bridge bearing.

Our price: $23.00
Coil Setter
SKU: 175.62
Used for setting coil wire in even rows on the tuning pin.

Item #175

Our price: $24.00
Coil Setter-Tightener
SKU: 171
Used to squeeze wire snug around tuning pins.

Item #171

Our price: $32.00
Coil Tightener
SKU: 3155.62
Round, hardened steel, with half cutout. Each.
Item 3155

Our price: $26.00
Downbearing Gauge
SKU: 3138.63
An accurate way to measure variations of down bearing along the bridges.
Item #3138

Our price: $98.00
False Beat Supressor
SKU: 101.63
A string-stretching tool 12" in length that has a tip with a semi-cirular groove wide enough to accept up to .060" diameter piano wire.

Item #101

Our price: $39.50
Heavy Duty String Lifter
SKU: 3164.61
Hexagonal stock, 8" overall. Each.
Item #3164

Our price: $21.50
Impact Coil Tightener
SKU: 3101.61
An excellent tool for tightening coils. Place the tool around the pin under the coil, then slide the weight up. Or place the tool around the pin on top of the coil and slide the weight down. Replacement tip available. Each.
Item #3101

Our price: $73.00
Loop and String Setter
SKU: 3161.62
Used to level strings on the bridge, and to seat loops around hitch pins. Solid brass, sold in pairs only. Per Pair.
Item #3161

Our price: $48.00
Mannino String Hook
SKU: 89.60
This is a factory-style string hook.

Item #89

Our price: $79.00