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Restringing Tools & Accessories

Restringing Tools & Accessories


False Beat Supressor
SKU: 101.63
A string-stretching tool 12" in length that has a tip with a semi-cirular groove wide enough to accept up to .060" diameter piano wire.

Item #101

Our price: $39.50
Bearing Check Gauge
SKU: 106
A handy item for the restringing technician that gives a fast, accurate and visual demonstration of bridge bearing.

Our price: $23.00
Tuning Pin Setter
SKU: 108.60
Used for driving tuning pins when they must be set further into the pin block.

Item #108

Our price: $47.00
Tuning Pin Crank
SKU: 109.60
Traditional hardwood handle style.

Item #109

Our price: $39.00
Tuning Pin Extractor
SKU: 110.60
Used for removing broken tuning pins.

Item #110

Our price: $37.00
String Stretcher
SKU: 132.60
A necessary tool for any restringing job. Note: This is a newly designed tool. The old Soundboard Wheel does not fit this tool.

Item #132

Our price: $59.50
String Spacer
SKU: 133.61
Both ends of spacer are grooved.

Item #133

Our price: $24.00
String Lifter and Spacer
SKU: 134
This is our standard string lifter and spacer.

Item #134

Our price: $42.00
Offset Stringing Hook
SKU: 135C.60
The stringing hook has an offset angle.

Item #135C

Our price: $33.00
Stringing Hook
SKU: 135S.60
New style non-breakable plastic handle.

Item #135S

Our price: $33.50