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Restringing Tools & Accessories

Restringing Tools & Accessories


Tuning Pin Punch
SKU: 173
Used for driving broken tuning pins out of the pin block.

Our price: $13.50
Tuning Pin Drill
SKU: 94A
Fast spiral 118 degree standard jobber drills. 4-1/4" long.

Our price: $13.90
Tuning Pin Punch
SKU: 174
Used for driving tuning pins into the pin block.

Item #174

Our price: $21.50
Tuning Pin Drill
SKU: 136F
This drill has the preferred style brad point that will not run or travel like the swedge tip type. Drill is 4-1/8" long and, except for .250 drill, is .009 under the diameter of the corresponding tuning pin size.

Our price: $22.00
Bearing Check Gauge
SKU: 106
A handy item for the restringing technician that gives a fast, accurate and visual demonstration of bridge bearing.

Our price: $23.00
Heavy Duty String Lifter
SKU: 3164
Hexagonal stock, 8" overall. Each.

Our price: $23.00
Coil Setter
SKU: 175

Used for setting coil wire in even rows on the tuning pin.

Item #175

Our price: $25.50
String Spacer
SKU: 133
Both ends of spacer are grooved.

Our price: $25.50
Coil Tightener
SKU: 3155
Round, hardened steel, with half cutout. Each.
Item 3155

Our price: $27.50
Tuning Pin Bushing Punch
SKU: 174C
Punch to drive wood tuning pin bushings into plate.

Our price: $29.00