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Electronic Tuning Devices

Electronic Tuning Devices


Autostrobe 590
SKU: PT-590.38
The 590 features an audible tuner, a built-in speaker, and a headphone jack. You
can simultaneously see and hear the pitch that you are tuning to when using the
Model 590.

Item #PT590

Our price: $1125.00
Peterson Tuner
SKU: PT-490.38
Instantly reads & displays a pitch as it is sounded. Automatic note selection. Carrying case included. Built-in condenser microphone.

Item #PT490

Our price: $875.00
Peterson Tuner
SKU: PT-490ST.38
Has built-in stretch setting & also allows you to save the off-sets of a particular instrument for recall at a later time. Preprogrammed stretch tables. User defined stretch tables. Store & recall up to 31 custom stretch tables.

Item #PT490ST

Our price: $1015.00
Stroboplus HD Tuner

The StroboPlus HD Tuner is a compact rechargeable tuner than can chromatically tune to exacting standards or use any of the 90 preset temperaments / Sweetened Tunings TM, USB Rechargeable hi-ion battery, backlit display, Concert A setting adjustable from 380hz - 490hz, Multi-Octave Sweetened and Stretch Tunings.

Our price: $240.00