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Piano Caster Cups

Piano Caster Cups


Dual Wheel Wood Caster Cup
SKU: 0791-AH
These wood caster cups are perfect for concert grand pianos such as Yamaha & Kawai which have oversized casters. 5-1/2" outer diameter, 3-1/8" inner diameter. Made from selected hardwood.

Price Each.

Item #0791-AH

Our price: CA$ 47.00

Wood Caster Cups
SKU: 0792-AS

Hard maple caster cups, 3-1/4" outside dia., 2-1/4" inside dia., with felt bottom. These beautiful turned cups are finished in lacquer to blend with any furniture. Price EACH.

Our price: CA$ 19.90

Plastic Caster Cups
SKU: 0790-A

High impact plastic. Will protect floors and carpeting, and hold pianos firmly in place. 5 3/4" diameter.

Color: Black, Brown, White.

Price Each.

Our price: CA$ 11.18

Rubber Caster Cups
SKU: 0793
To protect floors and rugs from damage by casters. 1-5/8" inside diameter. Set of 4

Item #0793

Our price: CA$ 17.90