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Files & Sharpening Tools

Files & Sharpening Tools


SKU: 520-5080

For sharpening cabinet scraper blades. All styles include handle. German-made.

Tools work best when sharpened!

Our price: $71.00

Checkering File

6” x 3/4” hand file for roughing hammer tails.

Use with File & Tool Handle #295-1030.

Our price: $87.00
File & Tool Handle
SKU: 295-1030

Wooden adjustable file & tool handle.

Gripping mechanism holds any shape shank whether round, oval, or flat.

Our price: $15.40
Honing Guide
SKU: 240-1030

Simple to use. Securely holds wood chisels and plane irons at correct angle to sharpening stone, and ensures a square edge.

Ideal for use with Japanese waterstone.

Our price: $20.30
King Deluxe Japanese Waterstone
SKU: K-80S

Cuts very fast, yet leaves the finest edge. Will out-perform any oil stone.

Double-sided with 1000-grit on one side for coarse sharpening, and 6000-grit on other side for final sharpening to razor sharpness.

8” x 2” x 1”.

Our price: $65.00
Permagrit Sanding Paddle
SKU: F-101

Ideal for hammer filing, these sanding paddles feature tungsten carbide grit brazed to flat steel.

Virtually won’t wear out. For hammers, wood, plastic, etc.

Our price: $27.00

Sandvik Mill Bastard File
SKU: SK-143

Suitable for hand filing of plastic and wood.

Bastard cut provides quick cutting action. 10” long.

Our price: $11.90
Sharpening Jig
SKU: 143-1000

Holds chisels or plane irons in precise relationship to grinding wheel.

Our price: $79.90
Tungsten Point File

5-1⁄4” overall. Double cut.

Thin rectangular shape and light weight make this file ideal for filing notches on keytops.

Our price: $11.00